SINGHLA SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES is Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier and Trading Company from , HARYANA

SINGHLA SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES is involved in Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier and Trading Company their product business of Scientific Instruments , Laboratory Glassware Equipment , Medical Equipment , Autoclaves Sterilizers , Microscope and Hospital Beds and related products for more than 65 years . Our Organization, established in 1956, Which is a Well-known name in our business category. The Organization listed its broad range of products on Make In India Trade, and DEVENDER Executive Manages that is in , HARYANA, India. For more Details Please Contact us.

  • Contact Person: DEVENDER Executive
  • Address: No-5309/27, Punjabi Mohalla,, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001, India
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  • Contact Person: DEVENDER Executive
  • Address: No-5309/27, Punjabi Mohalla,, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001, India
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Dissection Microscopes List of Charts B.O.D. INCUBATOR AUTOMATIC Medico / Doctor Centrifuge /Mini Centrifuge DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER 381 & 391 COMPRESSION BALANCE Bitumen Exrractor Mini Plastic Body Otoscope Sieves VARIABLE VOLUME MICROPIPETTES Anaerobic Culture Jar 3.5 Lit. (With vaccum cum pressure gauge) ALL QUARTZ DOUBLE DISTILLATION Universal Force Table Slit Lamp Z Stepper Magnification Cervical & Lumber Traction Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy Laser Therapy Model-1 Deep Heat Therapy Electro Surgical unit Senior Maths Lab Kits Mini Plastic Body Otoscope List of Charts.3 BLOOD STORAGE CABINET Direct Drive Stirrers MICROPROCESSOR SPECTROPHOTOMETER 2306 Metal Body, Fiber Optic Otoscope MICROPIPETTE 8 CHANNEL AUTOMATIC WATER DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT (CABINET) Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus Slit Lamp Excel Combo Therapy ( Ultrasound +I.F.T.+T.E.N.S.) MICROPROCESSOR FLAME PHOTOMETER 1381 DOUBLE PAN BALANCE (ROBERVAL) SPRING BALANCE Concrete Mixer Mini Fiber Optics Otoscope FIX VOLUME MICROPIPETTES ALL QUARTZ DOUBLE DISTILLATION (HORIZONTAL MODEL) Link Polygon Apparatus Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification Reynold apparatus Reciprocating single stage pump test rig (A.C motor) Whirling of shaft demonstrator SLIT LAMP ALL PURPOSE EQUIPMENT HORIZONTAL Cadaverous Injector Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Soil Test Kits Capillaries List of Charts.2 B.O.D. INCUBATOR GMP MODEL R- 8C & R- 8C DX Anaerobic Culture Jar 3.5 Lit. (With vaccum cum pressure gauge) Senior Rotary Microtome Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Diagonal Condenser Model HIGH QUALITY NURSE TRAINING DOLL (MALE & FEMALE) UNISEX HEAT TRANSFER FROM A PIN FIN Hydraulic bench Francis turbine test rig Universal vibration apparatus 3 hinged arch apparatus THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF INSULATING SLAB Venturimeter & orifice meter Gear pump test rig / oil pump test rig (A.C motor) Cam analysis apparatus 2 hinged arch apparatus Hydraulic Computerized Version Voltage Doubler & Tripler Circuit Blood Bag Sealer Tar Viscometer Pneumatic Circuit Trainer Shrinkage Limit Set Electronic Total Station Lead Goggles ZOOM MAGNIFICATION Ankle Exerciser Laser Therapy Model-3 Vacuum Therapy Physio Control Defibrillator Life Pak 9 ALL PURPOSE EQUIPMENT VERTICAL Stericlean Bone & Meat Cutting Machine Automatic Digital Polarimeter Litmus Blue Paper Tissue Culture And Diagnostic Products Dissection Microscope (Entomological) Advance Maths Lab Kits Chloroscope (Chlorine Test Kit) Manual Microtome Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Diagonal Condenser Model No. SSI/63 Handyboy with Stopcock HUMAN SKELETON LIFE SIZE (TALL 180) UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE (MECHANICAL) Reflex Klyston Microwave Test Bench Blood Bank Freezers Ductility Appratus Pneumatic Servo System Plastic Limit Set Electronic Theodolite Heat/Mass Transfer Lab Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Lab X Ray Cassettes Grip Exerciser Laser Therapy Model-2 Slimming Equipments Hp Code Master Defibrillator with Pace Maker Junior Maths Lab Kits Blood Bag Tube Sealer Automatic Retracting Microtome Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Diagonal Condenser Model No. SSI/62 MULTI FUNCTIONAL PATIENT CARE NURSING MANIKIN Defl of beame apparatus Universal Testing Machine Hydraulic G.M. Counter Blood Bank Monitor Los Angles Appratus Oil Hydraulic Trainer Cone Penetrometer X Ray Machine STEPPER MAGNIFICATION ALL PURPOSE EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES Autopsy Table (new) Automatic Digital Refractometer Simple Microscope TOP OPEN CHEST FREEZER (ECONOMY RANGE) Geared Stirrers DIGITAL UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER 371 SPRING BALANCE, TABULAR TYPE Deval Abrasion Conventional Otoscope, Lock fitting Aggregate Impact Test With Counter Electro Hydraulic Trainer High Speed Stirrer 100MA Mobile X Ray Machines KERATOMETER COD Photometer Litmus Blue Roll Micro Litre Syringe Liquid Tight Student Microscopes (Simple) SPECIMEN JARS, GLASS CYLINDRICAL Hydrocolator Siemens 900C (Refurbished) Ventilator Vertical Electrophoresis System - Mini Fully Automatic Microtome Model Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Vertical Condenser Model No. SSI/65 Jerrican FOETAL SKULL FIRST AID CHART HEAT TRANSFORMER THROUGH LAGGED PIPE Bernoullis theorem apparatus Centrifugal pump test rig (A.C motor) Motorised gyroscope apparatus Apparatus For Verification of Clerk's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem To Measure The Polar Pattern Of The Antenna Blood Bank Scale Standard Peneteration Test Appratus Electro Pneumatic Circuit Trainer Liquid Limit Device IS: 2720 (PART V) 300ma X Ray Machines SURGICAL MICROSCOPE Micro Litre Syringe Guide Plunger Condenser STOP CLOCK LOW TEMPERATURE CABINET VERTICAL (DEEP FREEZER) Laboratory Centrifuges MICROPROCESSOR UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER 2373 LEVER BALANCE Gyrotory Sieve Shaker Diagnostic Set Lock fitting WATER STILL WITH METAL HEATER Gradient Thermal Cycler PCR Liquid Limit Device (With Counter) Corner Connected X-Ray Cassettes BINOCULAR SURGICAL LOUPE Refrigerated Circulating Bath Graduated Mechanical Stage CONE, DISSECTIBLE PLANT GROWTH/ ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER Magnetic Stirrers MICROPROCESSOR UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER 1371 MINI MICROPIPETTES SINGLE STAGE QUARTZ DISTILLATION Polygon of Forces Apparatus Surgical Microscope Cold Light Combo Therapy (IFT + M.S. + Tens) Heal Exerciser Siemens 300 (Refurbished) Ventilator Electrophoresis Horizontal - Mini Semi Automatic Microtome Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Vertical Condenser Model No. SSI/64 HUMAN TORSO HEAT TRANSFORMER THROUGH COMPOSITE WALLS Discharge over notches apparatus Kaplan turbine test rig capacity : 2HP (A.C motor) Journal bearing apparatus Redundant of joint apparatus Impact Testing Machine To Measure Dielectric Constant Of Solid & Liquid Plasma Extractor Softening Apparatus LOW TEMPERATURE CABINET HORIZONTAL (DEEP FREEZER) AC Stirrers / Emulsifiers & Homogenizers DOUBLE BEAM SPECTROPHOTOMETER 1372 CHAIN-DIAL BALANCE Flow Table Conventional Otoscope, screw fitting MICROPIPETTE STAND SINGLE STAGE QUARTZ DISTILLATION (HORIZONTAL MODEL Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen) Combo Therapy (Ultrasonic+ Tens) PELVIS MODEL PHYSIOLOGY CHART STEFAN BOLTZMAN APPARATUS Metaconcentric Hydraulic ram test rig (A.C motor) Static & dynamic balancing apparatus Defl of curved beams Universal Testing Machine Study Of Microwave Component Syringe Needle Destroyer MASSES SET, ANALYTICAL Ophthalmoscope, Lens selection wheel WATER RO (REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM) Interferential Therapy Unit (Lcd) 32 Programs Paraffin Wax Bath Hollow Sphere (Transparent) Paper Chromatography Kit Portable AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Cold Trap Condenser Model No. SSI/68 Label Holder MIDWIFERY KIT HEAT TRANSFER IN FORCED CONVECTION Band brake Open channel (hydraulic flume) -4M long (A.C motor) Coriolli's component of acceleration apparatus Pin joint truss apparatus complete set Torsion Testing Machine Study Of Microwave Test Bench Universal Model Blood Tube Roller Mixer Length Guage Parallel Forces Apparatus (Tubular spring balance) Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light Continuous Passive Motion (Cpm) Unit Ladder Surgical Cautery Transparent Acrylic Figures Electrophoresis Power Supply, Analog Fixed Manual Cryostat Microtome Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Vertical Condenser Model No. SSI/66 Rectangular Carboy with Stopcock Litmus Red Paper High Presure And Rheodyne Syringe Student Microscope FROZEN/SEMEN STORAGE CABINET DOUBLE BEAM UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER 2375 HEXAGONAL WEIGHT, IRON Los Angles Reusable Professional Macintosh Conventional Laryngoscope Set WATER SOFTENER Bell Crank Lever X Ray Machine-300 500 MA LENSMETER MASSES SET, STUDENT’S GENERAL PURPOSE WATER STILL WITH SHEATHED SILICA HEATER Interferential Therapy Unit Multi Exercise Therapy Unit YK – 8000 Multipara Monitor (ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP) Ring of Theorem Electrophoresis Power Supply, Digital, Variable Automatic Cryostat Microtome with Double Compressor Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Cold Trap Condenser Model No. SSI/67 COMMUNITY BAG THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF LIQUIDS Losses due to friction in pipe lines Pelton wheel turbine test rig capacity :1HP (A.C motor) Universal governor apparatus Unsmatrical bending apparatus Tensile Testing Machine To Study of Gunn Diode Microwave Test Bench Donor Couch Melting Point Test Thickness Guage X-Ray Film Viewing Boxes POWER TABLE Thermostatic Circulating Bath Gas-Tight Syringes Microscope Reflector FLUID WARMING CABINET WATER & SOIL ANALYSIS KIT MODEL 171 & 172 Epicyclic gear train apparatus Deflection of Truss Apparatus Fatigue Testing Machine Helium Neon Laser Light Low Temperature Cabinets Sieve Shaker Hand Operated Slim LED X-Ray View Box Litmus Red Roll Chrmatography Septa And Vials ICE FLAKING MACHINE Magnetic Stirrer, With S.S Top Linear Tissue Processor Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Model No. SSI/70 Top Wire Lid with Spring Clip Lock STETHOSCOPE THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF METAL ROD Band & block brake Lathe tool dynamometer Brinell Hardness Tester Logic Gates Experiment Cooling Compartment Permeability Apparatus Mould Liquid Handling Micro Pipette Student Microscope with Iris diaphragm MORTUARY CHAMBERS JUNIOR MEDICAL MICROSCOPE 1405 MASSES, SLOTTED IN RACK MORTUARY FREEZERS STUDENT MICROSCOPE 1401 HOOKED WEIGHTS Slump Test Appratus Flap Light Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Set Lever Apparatus Mini T.E.N.S Quadriceps Table Angle Sum Property of Quadrillateral Cryo Bath Soil Auger 4" Screw Type/ Past Hole Type Interferential Therapy Unit(16 Programs Parallel Bar Hollow Cylinder (Transparent) Haemoglobinometer (Sahli's) MICROPROCESSOR BASED Automatic TISSUE PROCESSOR Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Cold Trap Condenser Model No. SSI/69 Raised Bottom Grid BP APPARATUS HEAT TRANSFER IN NATURAL CONVECTION Single shoe brake Sand Replacement Reusable Professional Miller Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Set Cranked Compouned Lever Mini M.S Postural Training Mirror Angle Sum Property of Triangle Magnetic Stirrer, with Hot Plate Vacuum Tissue Processor Chiller Refrigerated Circulater Model No. SSI/71 Top Wire Lid with Swing Clip Lock SUCTION MACHINE HEAT PIPE DEMONSTRATOR Internally expanding brake Milling tool dynamometer Photo Diode Characteristics Apparatus Plasma Thawing Bath Core Cutter Apparatus Auto Dispenser And Filling Assembly MICROPROCESSOR SPECTROPHOTOMETER 2305 MASSES, SLOTTED, AND HANGERS Rapid Moisture Reusable Professional Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Set WATER CIRCULATOR / CHILLER UNIT FOR WATER DISTILLATIONS AND STILLS Compound Lever Longwave Diathermy Pedo Cycle Exterior Angle of Regular Polygon Universal pH(1-11) Student Microscopes (Fixed Condenser) Plant Growth/ Environmental Chamber DISSECTING MICROSCOPE 1421 PRIMARY WEIGHT SET Cone Pentro Meter, Vicat Appartus Reusable Professional Macintosh Conventional Laryngoscope Lever Apparatus (without weights) Muscle Stimulator Rowing Machine Cum Sliding Unit Sand Replacement Method Apparatus 4" Needle Burner Manual And Electrical ORBITAL SHAKING INC. BOD TYPE BULK DENSITY APPARATUS 951 HEXAGONAL WEIGHT SET Small Accessories Reusable Professional Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Moments Disc Apparatus Muscle Stimulator(Lcd) Friction Slide Apparatus Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (T.E.N.S) 4 Automode T’ Pulley Haematocrite Centrifuge 13000 r.p.m. (Microprocessor Based) Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus Hot air oven SURGICAL FORCEPS Bomb calorimeter Desauty Bridge Centrifuge Extractor Conic Section (Set of 4) Centrifuge Machine Digital, 5200 r.p.m. Knife Sharpeners HOT PLATE ELECTRIC RECTANGULAR SURGICAL TRAYS UNSTEADY STATE HEAT TRANSFER UNIT Plate clutch Plank's Constant Apparatus Direct Shear Test Apparatus Motorised Universal pH1-14 Stair Case Volume Relation of Square Prism and Pyramid Vortex Shaker SPUTUM MUG PARALLEL / COUNTER FLOW HEAT EXCHANGER Conical friction clutch Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus Slump Cone Ratio of Area of Similar Triangles U.V. Transilluminator Research Model Automatic Slide Staining Machine VACUUM PUMPS Model No. SSI/73 & 74 Spinwin MC 00 Micro Centrifuge BED PAN THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF INSULATING POWDER Static & dynamic balancing demonstrator Erichen Cupping Testing Machine Two Stage RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier SEED GERMINATOR DUAL CHAMBER DIGITAL FLUOROMETER 681 Hand Sieve Shaker Miggle’s Forceps CE Shear Legs Apparatus Tens Dual Channel With Timer & Battery Tilt Table Construction of Parabola Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m. (Microprocessor Based) Refractometer Air compressor model Sodium Vapour Lamp Transformer Asphalt Penetrometer Electric Operated Universal pH(2-10.5) Urino Lacto Albino Meter Medical Microscope with co-axial mechanical stage STABILITY CHAMBER DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY METER (HANDHELD) 621 Aggeegate Impact with Counter Artificial Silicon Resuscitators- Child (Indian) Compaction Apparatus Using Light Compaction Universal pH(1-11) Roll Blood Mixer And Pro spin Student microscope ORBITAL SHAKING INCUBATOR TABLE TOP MODEL COAXIAL BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE 1416 & 1415 Vibrating Machine Aimil Model Flap Light Macintosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Law Of Moments Apparatus Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy Semi Digital(Fibre) U.V. Transilluminator College Model Tissue Embedding & Cooling Systems Aspirator Model No. SSI/72 Spare Rotor DRESSING DRUM DROPWISE / FILMWISE CONDENSATION APPARATUS Disc brake model Drilling tool dynamometer Universal Spring Testing Machine Decade Resistence Box Flow Table (10". 12", 30") Artificial Silicon Resuscitators- Infant (Indian) Simple Jib Crane Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (T.E.N.S) 6 Automode Traction Table Angle Prperty of Cyclic Quadrillateral Micro Centrifuge High Speed Brushless, 20000 r.p.m. Polarimeter HOT AIR OVEN SURGICAL ARTERY Shoulder Wheel Volume Relation Between Cone and Cylinder Microprocessor Controlled Slide Staining Machine Vacuum Pump Model No. SSI/76, 77 Spinwin MC 01 Micro Centrifuge KIDNEY TRAY EMISSIVITY MEASUREMENT APPARATUS Claw clutch Energy Band Gap For Semi Conductor Diode Universal pH1-11 Disposable ESR System New Type PLASMA FREEZER MEDICAL MICROSCOPE 1411 Vibrating Table Reusable Specula for Otoscopes Structural Mechanics Apparatus (complete set) Shortwave Diathermy-500 (Slim) Standing Frame (Adult) Disposable ESR Pipette with Vacuum Plug Junior Medical Microscope REFRIGERATED WATER BATH WITH CIRCULATION SYSTEM MELTING POINT APPARATUS 931 Compaction Factor Disposable Specula for Otoscopes Jointed Roof Truss On Wheels Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy Semi Digital(Metal)3a Suspension Frame Combination of Cube and Sphere (Transparent) Bench Top Lab. Centrifuge 5000 r.p.m. (Brushless Motor) Projection Microscope MUFFLE FURNACE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Centrifugal clutch E/m By Short Solenoid Method Jaw Crusher Universal pH 1-14 Hemometer Set & Esrite Kit SURGICAL SCISSOR Multiple clutch E/M By Thomson Method Speedy Moisture Meter Universal pH(1-14) Roll Powder Coated ESR And Wintrobe Tube Stand Medical Microscope SEED GERMINATOR SINGLE CHAMBER (ECO-FRIENDLY) COND./TDS/SALT/TEMP WATER PROOF METER 7021 Bain Circuit – Available -Child & Adult Inclined Plane Ultrasonic Therapy (Digital) Sit and Set (Set of 6 different combo flat shapes) Refrigerator Micro Centrifuge, Digital-16000 r.p.m. VACUUM OVEN SPONGE Smoke meter Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter Sieve Shaker Gyratory Motorized Starch Iodide Paper Roll Special Product Co-Axial Microscopes HIGH TEMPERATURE DELUXE OVEN DISSOLVED OXYGEN METER 801 & 811 Face Mask Silicon Combined Inclined Plane And Friction Slide Apparatus Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator(Tens) Deluxe Model CHEATLE FORCEPS Orsat gas analysis app Microprocessor Trainer Slump Test Apparatus Starch Iodide Paper Blood Collection System Non Vacuum Tube Advanced Research microscopes ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE CABINET UP TO (-80OC IN AC ROOM) DISSOLVED OXYGEN MONITOR CUM TEMPERATURE INDICATOR 851 Vaccum Blood Product U-Vac Glass Tube Tangram Refrigerator Centrifuge Machine All Purpose 16000 B.o.d. Incubator Hospital Bedside Locker Flash point apparatus Ultrasonic Interferometer For Liquids Permeability Apparatus THAWING BATH Monocular inclined co-axial microscope HIGH TEMPERATURE MUFFLE FURNACE DISSOLVED OXYGEN METER (HANDHELD) 831 Cylinderical Mould Anti-static Face Mask Coil Friction Apparatus Ultrasonic Therapy( Semi Digital) 1,3 Mhz Base and Place Value Kit Incubator shaker Deluxe Bedside Locker Rope Brake And Dynamometer Ultrasonic Therapy( Semi Digital) Algebra Identity (set of 2) to prove the following identities BACK REST Lanchisher boiler Transformers Hand Operated Centrifuge Extractor Lead Acetate Paper Phase contrast equipments HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE CONTROL CABINET (REFRIGERATED) Economical Inclined Microscopes STABILITY CHAMBER GMP MODEL DIGITAL TDS METER (HANDHELD) 661 Artificial Resuscitators-Silicon Adult (Indian) Friction Slide Ultrasonic Therapy (Lcd) With Program Wrist Rotary KAPLAN TURBINE Blow off cock Vee Bee Consistometer Cobalt Chloride Paper Vertical Quick Freezer (Biofreezer)Temperature up to -40 °C Student Stereo Microscope with Straight Bino Head BACTERIOLOGICAL INCUBATOR (MEMMERT TYPE WITH DIGITAL CONTROLLER) AUTO KARL FISCHER TITRIMETER 751 & 761 BED ICU NON HI-LOW DELUXE Wheel and Differential Axle Winch Crab Single Purchase Steam stop valve Sand Pouring Cylinder Biofreezer Temperature Up To -20 °C Zoom Stereo Microscopes INDUSTRIAL DRYING OVEN (TRAY DRIER) DIGITAL TURBIDITY METER 335, 331 & 341 FOWLER BED MECHANICAL SUPER DELUXE Winch Crab Double Purchase Vibrating Machine Stereoscopic Microscopes BACTERIOLOGICAL INCUBATOR (MEMMERT TYPE) DIGITAL MELTING POINT APPARATUS 934 & 935 Length Gauge BED ICU NON HI-LOW SUPER DELUXE Compound Wheel And Axle Number with Plate Pythagorus Theorem Lever Safety Valve Relative Density Apparatus Hand Made Filter Paper Laboratory Refrigerators CCTV Camera for Microscope OVEN UNIVERSAL (MEMMERT TYPE) THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROLLED DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY METER 601 & 611 FOWLER BED MECHANICAL DELUXE Geared Jib Crane Cocharn boiler Callender & Griffith's Bridge Dial Type Los Angles Abrasion Machine Trinocular Co-axial microscope HIGH TEMPERATURE OIL BATH TABLET DISSOLUTION TEST APPARATUS 912 Cube Mould Anti-static Re- breathing bag Indian CE Power 2 (Power of Two) Table Top Centrifuge Machine High Speed 20000 r.p.m. Spring loaded safety valve Rapid Moisture Meter Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper Micro Controller Based Blood Bank Refrigerator CCTV Camera for Microscope (CCD Color) OVEN UNIVERSAL (MEMMERT TYPE WITH DIGITAL CONTROLLER) DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY TDS/METER 641 Worm and Worm Wheel Magnifying Measures VACUUM OVEN GMP MODEL COMPLETE S. S. MICROPROCESSOR COLONY COUNTER 1361, 1362 & 1363 SEMI-FOWLER BED DELUXE Screw Jack Jolting Apparatus Stain Solution & Reagent Digital Microscopy Cameras VACUUM OVEN DOUBLE WALLED DIGITAL TDS METER 651 SEMI-FOWLER BED MECHANICAL SUPER DELUXE Screw Efficiency Apparatus Dummy Currency Notes Le Chatelier Mould Stain Solution And Reagent Caliper Plus Software ROTARY SHAKER TABLE TOP MODEL pH/mV/Temperature Meter 7011 PAEDIATRIC BED Shear Force Apparatus Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated Neutral Litmus Paper Spare Huygenian Eyepiece SIEVE SHAKER (GRYTORY MOTORIZED) DIGITAL PH METER (HANDHELD) 131, 132 & 133 ATTENDANT BED SUPER DELUXE Bending Moment Apparatus Compression Testing Machine Four Pillar Starch Paper Spare Pointer Eye Piece SIEVE SHAKER (TABLE TOP MODEL) DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER 118 Stresses In Beam Apparatus Compression Testing Machine Electric Operated Wide field eye piece Potassium Dichromate Blood Bank Tube Sealer Research Co-Axial Microscopes HYBRIDIZATION INCUBATOR DISINTEGRATION TEST APPARATUS 901 & 904 3, 15, 30 Ltr. Measurement BED ICU HI-LOW SUPER DELUXE Pulley Blocks MIDWIFERY CHART Pressure gauge Trinocular Research Co-Axial Microscope: BIOMEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL SYSTEM (PORTABLE INCINERATOR) DIGITAL FRIABILITY TEST APPARATUS 902 & 903 Thickness Gauge BED ICU HI-LOW DELUXE Pulley Demonstration Set Roman Number Kit FRANCIS TURBINE Dead weight safety valve Parchment Paper Color Monitor OVEN UNIVERSAL GMP MODEL DIGITAL SALINITY METER 671 SEMI-FOWLER BED ELECTRIC SUPER DELUXE Apparatus to Find The Personal Of a Man Fraction Wheel Mortar Mixer MICROPROCESSOR DISINTEGRATION TEST APPARATUS 1901 Dorie Abrasion BED ICU HI-LOW ELECTRO / REMOTE OPERATED Crony Brake Dynamometer Fraction Square DISEASES CHART Babcock of wilcox boiler Multimeter Bearing Ratio Apparatus Lead Acetate Paper Roll Triangle Kit Pelton Turbine Feed check valve Shrinkage Bar Mould Cobalt Chloride Paper Roll Ultra Low Freezer Advance Stereo Microscopes BACTERIOLOGICAL INCUBATOR (MEMMERT TYPE) GMP MODEL COMPLETE S.S. DIGITAL TELE THERMOMETER 461 FOWLER BED ELECTRIC SUPER DELUXE NICEKLEEN DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER 304 & 305 INSTRUMENT TROLLEY Kater's of Reversible Pendulum PARAFFIN WAX WITH CERESIN DIGITAL SPECTROPHOTOMETER 301 & 302 MAYO'S INSTRUMENT TROLLEY Moment of Inertia of Flywheel SPILLAGE MOPS DRESSING TROLLEY Narrow Range pH(4-6.5) Inclined Monocular & Binocular Microscope Model HAEMOGLOBIN METER 1315 OVER BED TABLE WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT Rigidity of Wires Vicat Needle Apparatus Narrow Range pH(2-4.5) MICROPROCESSOR K.F. MOISTURE TITRATOR 1760 EMERGENCY AND RECOVERY TROLLEY Maxwell Vibration Needle Asphalt Compactor FOOD ADULTERATION TEST KIT MICROPROCESSOR DISSOLVED OXYGEN METER 1801 EXAMINATION TABLE (GENERAL / TWO SECTION TOP) Simple Pendulum Blaine's Air Permeability Apparatus GRAM'S COLOUR STAINING KIT MICROPROCESSOR SPECTROPHOTOMETER 1305 INSTRUMENT TROLLEY CURVED Bar Pendulum or Compound Pendulum Standard Gyroscope COPLIN STAINING JAR, GLASS, HIGH-DENSITY POLYTHENE LAPRO EQUIPMENT TROLLEY STAINLESS STEEL Gyroscope With Counter Poise CRASH CART Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope SPECIMEN JARS, GLASS, CYLINDRICAL, STOPPERED LINEN TROLLEY WITH SHELVES Revolving Stool For Above Gear Models SPECIMEN TUBES, PLASTIC TRANSPARENT Consolidation Apparatus With Dial Gauge Single Cell Congo Red HEAVY DUTY ROTARY SHAKER PH/MV/CONDUCTIVITY/TDS/SALT/TEMP 7200 HOSPITAL WARD PLAIN BED (GENERAL) Elasticity of Fiexture Apparatus Consolidation Apparatus Three Gang Mould Turmeric Paper Classroom Projection Microscope Image Measurement & Analysis Software RECTANGULAR MUFFLE FURNACE HIGH TEMPERATURE (1200 Deg C) DIGITAL COLONY COUNTER 361, 362 & 363 SEMI FOWLER BED GENERAL Compound Screw Jack Gillmore Needle Apparatus RECTANGULAR MUFFLE FURNACE (1000 Deg C) DIGITAL PH, CONDUCTIVITY & TEMPERATURE METER 181 WARD BED WITH BACKREST ON RATCHET DELUXE Deflection Of Beam Apparatus Core Drilling Machine Diesel Driven Bromothymol Blue Flouroscent Microscopes SEROLOGICAL WATER BATH (WITHOUT RACKS & THERMOMETER) DIGITAL PH METER 101, 111 & 112 WARD BED WITH BACKREST ON RATCHET GENERAL Bending Of Beam Apparatus Black Board Geometrical Instrument Box V.D.R.L. ROTATOR DIGITAL PHOTO COLORIMETER 312, 313, 321 & 322 ATTENDANT BED DELUXE Compression Of Coiled Springs Compression Testing Machine Starch Paper Roll Micrometer Eyepiece WATER BATH INCUBATOR SHAKER MICROPROCESSOR PH METER 1012 & 1013 ATTENDANT BED GENERAL The Combined Compression And Extension Of Springs Apparatus Stage Micrometer SHAKING MACHINE WRIST ACTION MICROPROCESSOR PH SYSTEM 1010 BED SIDE LOCKER OPEN STAINLESS STEEL Hook's Law Apparatus Centrifuge Extractor Hand Operated Potassium Iodide Standard Achromatic Objectives MICROPROCESSOR WATER & SOIL ANALYSIS KIT 1160 BED SIDE LOCKER DELUXE Young's Modulus Apparatus (Searle's Pattern) Bearing Ratio Apparatus Hand Operated Bromocresol Green MICROPROCESSOR PHOTO COLORIMETER 1312 BED SIDE LOCKER OPEN SEMI DELUXE Young's Modulus Apparatus Air Entertainment Meter LINEN TROLLEY Spur Gears SPECIMEN JARS, PLASTIC, ASSORTED MICROPROCESSOR PHOTO COLORIMETER 1313 BED SIDE LOCKER GENERAL Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier Type) Aggregate Impact Tester Narrow Range pH(6-8.5) Spare DIN size coated achromatic objective MICROPROCESSOR PHOTO COLORIMETER 1311 OVER BED TABLE GENERAL Young Modulus of a Metal Rod by an Interference Method Kellyball Penetration Apparatus GEOMETRICAL SHAPES Hospital General Equipments Train Of Gear Wheels GEOMETRICAL SHAPES, PLASTIC, SET OF 48 Foot Step Inter Connected Gears CUBES Hospital Suction Units Stainless Steel Hospital Equipments SURGEON STEEL / CHAIR Gear Sets PATIENT / REVOLVING STOOL Herringbone Gears METER RULE I.V. STAND / SALINE STAND Internal Gear Pinion Drive HALF METER RULE INVALID WHEEL CHAIR FIX / NON FOLDING Rack and Quadrant Gears Fletcher Trolley WATER TESTING KIT TOTAL ALKALINITY PH TESTING KIT OBSTETRIC TELESCOPIC LABOUR TABLE (STAINLESS STEEL) Atwood Machine WATER TESTING KIT TOTAL HARDNESS TESTING KIT LABOUR TABLE CUM BIRTHING BED (COMPLETE STAINLESS STEEL) Centrifugal Force Apparatus COPLIN STAINING JAR, GLASS, STUDENT’S LABOUR TABLE CUM BIRTHING BED (S.S. TOP) Soil Testing Kit Narrow Range pH(5-10.5) MICROPROCESSOR PH-EC-TDS METER – 1615 EMERGENCY TROLLEY HI-LOW ELECTRIC/REMOTE OPERATED Tortion Apparatus (Clamp Pattern) Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus Narrow Range pH(6.8-8.5) MICROPROCESSOR EC-TDS-SAL METER 1602 EMERGENCY TROLLEY MANUAL Tortion Apparatus Searle's Type Compaction Factor Apparatus Narrow Range pH(3.8-5.4) MICROPROCESSOR PH-EC METER 1611 STRETCHER ON TROLLEY (SS/DX) Tortion Apparatus Vertical Type Ductility Testing Apparatus Narrow Range pH(8-10.5) MICROPROCESSOR CONDUCTIVITY/TDS METER 1601 STRETCHER TROLLEY (GENERAL) Second Law of Motion Apparatus Wheel chair MEASURING CUPS, CONICAL Operation Tables Shaper Model MODELING CLAY Hospital Examination Tables Friction Wheel Drive MORTAR & PESTLE, PORCELAIN Hospital Equipments MORTAR & PESTLE, GLASS Watt's Mechanism PIPET STAND, POLYTHENE GENERAL SURGERY Peucellir Linkage Drive Model PIPET STAND VERTICAL, POLYTHENE Pentograph Mechanism DISPOSABLE APRONS ICE BUCKET Kinematic Pairs DISPOSABLE FACE MASK Epicyclic Gear (Sun & planet type) VERNIER CALIPER, STUDENT’S ICU Beds Cyclodial Gear VERNIER CALIPER, HEAVY-DUTY Hospital Ward Beds Reversing Gears MICROMETER SCREW GAUGE Hospital Semi Fowler Beds Worm Gear Hospital Tables Geneva Drive PIPETS, VOLUMETRIC Hospital Holloware Pawl & Ratchet Rod Model PIPET CONTROLLER Crank & Connecting Rod Model PIPETS, DROPPING Dissection Table EASILOK® MEASURING TAPES CYLINDER TROLLEY Sliding Wedge Gear With Straight Line MEASURING TAPES ATTENDENT STOOL POWDER COATED Rack & Pinion FUMIGATOR / AEROSOLE / O.T. CARE APPARATUS Epicycle Gear STOP WATCH Hospital Beds Slide Crank Mechanism PIPET FILLER Hospital Shadowless Light RUBBER BULB FOR PIPETS Shadowless Operation Theatre Light Scotch Yoke Mechanism PIPETS STAND, WOODEN Shadowless Light SPOTTING PLATES, PORCELIAN High Pressure steam Sterlizer (Surgical) EYE-WASH BOTTLE Cams & Followers Set DISPOSABLE CAP Action Of Cams DISPOSABLE SHOE COVER Triangular Eccentric Cam FIRST-AID KIT, PORTABLE Tri Clover Leaf Cam
Laboratory Glassware Equipment >>
ASPIRATOR BOTTLE WITH OUTLET FOR STOPPER ON SIDE Weighing Bottles Tablet Disintegration Unit Super Speed Kymograph BEAKERS (EURO DESIGN) A.P. BOTTLE (PNEUMOTHORAX BOTTLES) Pycnometers to Gay - Lussac Dissolution rate test apparatus (Electrically Operated) Tablet Machine (single punch) Prescription balance (Dispensing balance) Respiration pump BURETTE Triple Beam Balance (Export Quality) Tablet counter (Tablet counting device) Operation Table Large Size PIPETTE PUMP BEAKER LOW FORM GRADUATED (SCREEN PRINTED) Reagent Bottles, Narrow Mouth Aseptic cabinet Rockwell Hardness Tester MEASURING JUGS Thermostatic Student Organ Bath - Single Unit REAGENT BOTTLES (NARROW MOUTH) BELL JAR WITH STOPPER ON TOP AND GROUND RIM (OPEN AT TOP) Amber Dropping Bottles, Boro 3.3 Tablet Machine Hand Operated (single punch) Double unit organ bath thermostatic control Spirometer DROPPING BOTTLES BATTERY JARS Reagent Bottles, Amber Physical Weight Box (Brass C.P) Operation table small size DROPPING BOTTLES (EURO DESIGN) BELL JARS WITH KNOB & GROUND RIM (CLOSED AT TOP) Dropping Bottles, Boro 3.3 BEAKER REAGENT BOTTLES (WIDE MOUTH) BURETTE WITH PINCH CLIP COMPLETE WITH RUBBER TUBE AND JETS Mac-Cartney Bottles Accessories or Spares for Student Organ Bath NARROW MOUTH BOTTLE BEAKER GRIFFIN LOW FORM BURETTE WITH STOPCOCK Head for Gas Bottles Tablet coating pan unit with Hot Air Blower (S.S. dia 8") Different types of Cannulas WIDE MOUTH SQUARE BOTTLE CRYSTALLIZING DISHES FLAT BOTTOM Gas Washing Bottle Friability Test Apparatus Tablet Polishing Pan (Specially designed for pharmacy instt) Ampoule washing machine HEAVY DUTY VACUUM BOTTLE CUP VOLTA METER Sintered Wash Bottles Head TABLET MACHINE (SINGLE PUNCH) SPECIMEN JAR (GAS JAR) DESICCATORS PYREX TYPE Flask Round Bottom Ointment spatula TABLET COATING PAN UNIT WITH HOT AIR BLOWER (SS DIA 8") RECTANGULAR JAR DESICCATORS PYREX TYPE VACUUM Flask Flat Bottom Ampoule clarity test equipments TABLET POLISHING PAN (SPECIALLY DESINGED FOR PHARMACY INSTT) FISHER CLAMP ERLENMEYER FLASKS NARROW MOUTH (CONICAL) Funnel Filtering Ampoule filling & sealing Machine TABLET HARDNESS TESTER (MANSANTO TYPE) (I.P STANDARD ) WITH CASE FUNNEL HOLDER ERLENMEYER FLASKS NARROW MOUTH CONICAL (SCREEN PRINTED) Funnel Powder Collapsible tube filling machine Tablet Hardness tester (Monsanto Type) (I.P. standard) with case DISSOLUTION RATE TEST APPARATUS (ELECTRICALLY OPERATED) CARBOY CALCIUM CHLORIDE TOWER Beaker, Low form Tablet hardness tester (Pfizer type) with case FRIABILITY TEST APPARATUS CARBOY WITH STOP COCK CAVITY BLOCK Beaker, Tall form PRESCRIPTION BALANCE (DISPENSING BALANCE) ASPIRATOR BOTTLES BOTTLE WITH RUBBER TEAT AND GLASS DROPPER Erlenmeyer Flasks Capsule filling machine (Specially designed for pharmacy instt) PHYSICAL WEIGHT BOX (BRASS C.P) WASH BOTTLES DROPPING BOTTLE WITH GLASS STOPPER (T K PATTERN) Capsule Counter TRIPLE BEAM BALANCE WASH BOTTLES (NEW TYPE) DROPPING BOTTLE WITH GLASS STOPPER (T K PATTERN), AMBER COLOUR Suppository moulds (cap 4 moulds) TABLET MACHINE HAND OPERATED (SINGLE PUNCH) CONICAL FLASK DESICCATORS WITH COVER Ointment Slab SUPPOSITORY MOULDS CONNECTORS (L SHAPED) GOLD LEAF JAR Dessicator with Lid, Plain ANIMAL CAGE FUNNEL 60 ANGLE PLAIN Crucible, Gooch type Infra Red Moisture balance ANIMAL CAGE (TWIN GRILL) GAS JARS WITH GROUND FLANG AND FOOT WITHOUT LID TABLET HARDNESS TESTER (PFIZER TYPE) WITH CASE SEPERATORY FUNNEL HOLDER FLASK FLAT BOTTOM Weighing Scoops Tube crimping and sealing machine TABLET COUNTER (TABLET COUNTING DEVICE) FLASK STAND FLASK ROUND BOTTOM Dishes, Crystallizing Conical percolator CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE (SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR PHARMACY INSTT) CONNECTORS (T & Y) FLASK FILTERING WITH TABULATURE AT SIDE HEAVY WALL Hand Grinding Mill (table model) CAPSULE COUNTER CONNECTORS (CROSS) FLASK VOLUMETRIC STOPPER (MEASURING / STANDARD FLASK) Ball mill (motor driven) Electrically operated Buchner Funnel Rota Rod assembly GAS WASHING BOTTLE WITHOUT FITTING Bottle filling machine (Hand operated) DESICCATOR (VACUUM) GAS GENERATING KIPS APPARATUS COMPLETE WITH DELIVERY TUBE AND THISTLE FUNNEL Funnel Filtration System Tincture press DESICCATOR (VACUUM) - ALL CLEAR HYDROMETER JARS Funnel Filtration Holder Rabit Cage M.S DESICCATOR (PLAIN) IODINE FLASK STOPPERED Funnel Filtration Holder Accessories Rabbit holder wooden (polished) STOP COCKS JARS COPLIN WITH COVER Animal cages (Rat & Mice cages) KIPPS APPARATUS JARS STAINING RECTANGULAR WITH COVER Sieves Set (Pharmacopeial Standard) FUNNELS - LONG STEM LACHLANCHE CELL POTS Rotaflow Stopcock, Straight Sieve shaker - Rotap type (Floor Model) BUCHNER FUNNEL MEDICINE GLASS GRADUATED CRYSTAL MODEL SET REAGENT BOTTLE WITH DUST PROOF FLAT STOPPER NARROW MOUTH Stopper: Hollow with Tip shape Hexagonal Tele Thermometer digital COPLIN JAR REAGENT BOTTLE WITH DUST PROOF FLAT STOPPER NARROW MOUTH, AMBER COLOUR Stopper, Solid: Penny or Flat Head Histamine Chamber SLIDE MAILER REAGENT BOTTLE WITH DUST PROOF FLAT STOPPER WIDE MOUTH Rotaflow Stopcock 90 Deg C Analgesiometer ATOMIC MODEL SET PIPETTE VOLUMETRIC ONE MARK (BULB TYPE) Rotaflow Stopcock Eddy's hot plate type ATOMIC MODEL SET (EURO DESIGN) PIPETTE GRADUATED (MOHR TYPE) Stopper: Hollow with Flat bottom Electro Convulsiometer Glass Stopcock, Straight Sieve shaker (Gyratory type) ANALYTICAL FUNNEL MORTARS & PESTLES PTFE Key Stopcock, Straight Plethysmograph without mercury POWDER FUNNELS MEASURING CYLINDERS GRADUATED Rotaflow stopcock for Burette Antibiotic zone reader (digital model) INDUSTRIAL FUNNELS MEDIA BOTTLES COMPLETE WITH ALUMINIUM CAP AND RUBBER WASHER PTFE key stopcock for Burrete Cooks Pole Climbing response apparatus PETRI DISH PNEUMETIC TROUGH Glass key stopcock for Burrete Photoactometer (activity cage) PETRI DISH (CULTURE) PETRI DISHES SPECIMEN TUBE Allihin Condenser For Soxhlet PCR TUBE RACK SPECIMEN JAR ROUND WITH KNOBBED STOPPERS WITH FLANGE Dimroth Condenser for Soxhlet MCT BOX SPECIMEN JARS SCREWED NECK WITH BAKELITE CAPS Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus CENTRIFUGE TUBE CONICAL BOTTOM SPECIMEN JARS RECTANGULAR WITH OUT LID Air Condencers SLIDE BOX RAIN GAUGE CYLINDERS GRADUATED Liebig Condensers SLIDE STORAGE RACK SPIRIT LAMPS WITH BRASS WICH HOLDERS Coil Condensers, Graham FLOAT RACK Allihn Condensers (Bulb Condencer) MCT TWIN RACK Spare Extractor for Soxhlet Apparatus CENTRIFUGE TUBE ROUND BOTTOM Specific Gravity Bottle (R.D Bottle) Neutral Separating Funnels OAK RIDGE CENTRIFUGE TUBES TEST TUBE WITH/WITHOUT RIM NEUTRAL GLASS 63701 TEST TUBE WITH/WITHOUT RIM BOROSILICATE GLASS MACHINE MADE STOOL CONTAINER URINE TEST GLASS Separating Funnels, Graduated RIA VIAL WINCHESTER BOTTLE STOPPERED Separating Funnels, with PTFE Key TEST TUBE WITH SCREW CAP TEST TUBE CAP WOULF BOTTLE STORAGE VIAL WEIGHING BOTTLES STORAGE VIAL O-RING Separating Funnels, with PTFE Key, Stopcock & Polythelene stopper, Pear shape STORAGE VIAL - INTERNAL THREAD Dropping Funnels, Cylindrical with Polythelene Stopper & Glass Stopcock SV10-SV5 Dropping Funnels, Cylindrical Graduated SCINTILLATION VIAL Dropping Funnels, Cylindrical RACK FOR SCINTILLATION VIAL CRYO VIAL-INTERNAL THREAD CRYO VIAL CRYO CODERS Separating Funnel Gilson CRYO RACK CRYO BOX (PC) Separating Funnels, Pear shape Seperating Funnels, Pear shape CRYO BOX (PP) Separating Funnels, Pear shape with socket, & Screw MICRO TEST PLATES MICRO TIP BOX MICRO TIP BOX (NEW) VOLUMETRIC FLASK Burette with Straight Bore Glass Key Stopcock TEST TUBE PEG RACK TEST TUBE STAND (WIRE PATTERN) Burette with Straight Bore Glass Key Stopcock, Burettes Meet ASTM E-287 Class A RACK FOR MICRO CENTRIFUGE (FOLDING) Burette with Screw Type Needle Valve PTFE stopcock TEST TUBE BASKETS Burette with Screw Type Needle Valve PTFE stopcock, Schell Bach Stripe DRAINING BASKET PIPETTE STAND (HORIZONTAL) PIPETTE STAND (VERTICAL) Burette with Screw Type Needle Valve PTFE Stopcock PIPETTE STAND (94 PIPETTES - ROTARY) PIPETTE BOX Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Key stopcock REAGENT RESERVOIR MEASURING CYLINDER PENTAGONAL Burette, Automatic Zero MEASURING JUGS (EURO DESIGN) Measuring Cylinders, with plastic bases and protection collar Class B CONICAL MEASURES Measuring Cylinders, with spout & Round Base Class A DIN 12680, ISO 4788 SEPERATORY FUNNEL Measuring Cylinders, with spout & Hexagonal Base Class A DIN 12680, ISO 4788 27 GU Organic Chemistry Set TEST TUBE STAND (ROUND) 34 GU Organic Chemistry Set. RACK FOR MICRO CENTRIFUGE TUBES TEST TUBE STAND (3 TIER) Burette with Straight Bore Glass Key Stopcock, Schell Bach Stripe Measuring Cylinders, Round Base with Interchangeable Polythelene stopper, Class A PNEUMATIC TROUGH Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Base with Polyethylene stopper, Class A DIN 12685, ISO 4788. PLANATATION POTS Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Base LABORATORY TRAY UTILITY TRAY Nessler Cylinder CARRIER TRAY Pressure Equalising Funnels, Cylindrical PETRI DISH (DISPOSABLE) RACK FOR PETRI DISHES Pressure Equalising Funnels, Pear Shape UNIVERSAL MULTI RACK NESTLER CYLINDER STAND 29 GU/Organic Chemistry set TEST TUBE STAND Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Key stopcock Schell Bach Stripe. UNIVERSAL REAGENT RESERVOIR Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Key stopcock Schell Bach Stripe STAINING BOX MEASURING CYLINDERS MEASURING CYLINDER HEXAGONAL Burette Lengths without Stopcocks Pipette Volumetric INSTRUMENT TRAY DRAINING RACK MAGENTA BOX Graduated Pipette SIMPLE CELL POT Graduated Pipettes, Class AS Din 12697, ISO 835 SPATULA Measuring Cylinders, with spout & Round Base Class A DIN 12680, With LOT Certificate STIRRER Measuring Cylinders, with spout & Hexagonal Base Class A DIN 12680, With LOT Certificate POLICEMEN STIRRING RODS Measuring Cylinders SOFT LOOP STERILE L SHAPED SPREADER MICRO PESTLE Volumetric Flask Amber 0.2 ml 8 Tube Strip with Cap Volumetric Flask Amber, with One Graduation mark and Stopper made of Polythelene 0.2 ml 8 Tube Strip with Cap Low Profile Volumetric Flask With Rim Without Stopper ISO 1042, DIN 12664, Class A 0.2 ml Tube with Cap Volumetric Flask 0.5 ml Tube with Cap Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks Parallel Cap Receiver Delivery Adapters, Long Stem Micro Tip Receiver Adapters Straight. Receiver Adapters Bend with Vent Receiver Adapters, Straight with Vacuum connection Sterile (Individually Packed in Peel Off Pouch) Receiver Adapters, Bend, with Vacuum connection Non Skirted 96 Well Plate Still Head Plain with thermometer socket Ria Vial Claisen Heads, Sloping With 2xB14 Socket Sample Container Splash Heads, Vertical Splash Heads, Pear shape Vertical Scintillation Vial Splash Heads, Pear shape Sloping Semi Skirted 96 Wells x 0.2 ml Plate Adapters Socket to cone with Tee Connection -20'C Mini Cooler U Tube, with two sockets -20'C PCR Mini Cooler Drying Tube Thermometer Pocket 0'C Mini Cooler 0′C Mini Cooler with Gel Filled Cover Air Leak Tube/Gas Inlet Tube Reduction: Adapters Expansion Adapters Deep Well Storage Plates - 96 Wells Multiple Adapters, with three Necks, Two Parallel and one at 45° EU Alu-Seal Swan Neck Adapters EU Opti-Seal Multiple Adapters, with Two Necks one vertical & one at 45° EU Optical Flat 8-Cap Strip Receiver Delivery Adapters, Short Stem Steam Distillation Heads, Sloping Semi Skirted Raised Rim 96 Wells x 0.2 ml Plate Adapter Cone with stem to Rubber Tubing Skirted 384 Wells Plate Adapter Sockets to Rubber Tubing Skirted 96 Wells x 0.2 ml Plate Adapter Socket Star Tube Adapter Cone to Rubber Tubing -20′C Mini Cooler with Gel Filled Cover LECLANCHE CELL POT Graduated Pipette Class AS DIN 12697, ISO835 SAMPLE CONTAINER (PRESS & FIT TYPE) Volumetric Flask with one graduation mark & stopper made of polythelene ISO 1042, DIN 12664, Class A MEDICINE CUP SPARES 0.2 ml 8 Tube Strip with Attached Caps Receiver Adapters, Inclined at an angle 105° Non Skirted Plate Receiver Adapters, With Multiple connection. PCR Rack With Cover Receiver Adapters, Plain Bend PCR Transfer Tray Recovery Bend, Sloping PCR Tube Rack Receiver Bend,Vertical Petri Dish-Sterile Card Board Cryo Box Simple Glands with cap Cryo 1'C Cooler Flask Round Bottom, Single Neck DIN 12348 Medium Cryo Apron Flasks Flat Bottom, Single neck DIN 12348 Medium Cryo Babies/ Cryo Tags Flasks, Round Bottom, Two neck DIN 12394 Cryo Box Flasks, Kjeldhal Round Bottom Long Neck Storage Boxes Sockets: Single Cones: Single Cones: with tip Single Filtering Flask Sockets Full length Single Cone Full Length Plain End Single In Line Filter Holder -47 mm Sockets: Double Handypette – Pipette Aid Pipette Bulb Pipette Washer Soft Loop Sterile Imhoff Setting Cone Imhoff Setting Cone Rack Safe Skin Sterile Critical Nitrile Gloves Flasks, Round Bottom, Three neck at Angle DIN 12394 Cryo Box – 100 Flask Round Bottom, three neck Parallel DIN 12392 Cryo Box Rack Flask Pear Shape, single neck DIN 12383 Cryo Cube Box Flasks, Pear Shape, Two neck Cryo Gloves Flasks, Evaporating Flasks, Kjeldahl Membrane Filter Holder 47 mm Cone: Plain Double Open Faced Filter Holder Spherical Joint: Ball Resuable Bottle Top Filter Spherical Joint: Cup Reusable Bottle Top Filter Joint Clips: Metal Tubes, Culture, Media, Round Bottom Syringe Filter Filling/Venting Closure Forceps Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave Instrument Sterilizing Pan Large Carboy Funnel Measuring Beaker with Handle Micro Pestle Micro Spin Magnetic Stirrer Bar Octagon Magnetic Stirrer Bar Straight Connector Student Labware Kit Test Tube Basket with Cover Tough Tags Station Trapazodial Magnetic Stirrer Bar Triangular Magnetic Stirrer Bar Universal Combi Rack Utility Carrier Accupipet – Variable Volume Pipette Fixapette Test Tubes, Round Bottom, without rim. Test Tubes Cross-Spin Magnetic Stirrer Bar Crystal Model Set Cuvette Stand Drying Rack Dumb Bell Magnetic Stirrer Bar Elbow Connector Flasks, Conical, (Erlenmeyer) DIN 12387 Cryo Vial – Sterile Flasks, Iodine Cryo vial - Sterlie Flasks, Distillation, with side Tube Float Rack Flasks, Buckner Filtration Bolt Neck Flasks, Conical, with PTFE Liner Screw Cap. Quick Freeze Flasks, Erlenmeyer Stoppered Tubes, Culture, Media, Flat Bottom Tygon Laboratory Tubing Centrifuge Tube, Conical Bottom, Graduated Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom, Plain Tygothane Tubing Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom,Graduated Test Tube, with Joint & Stopper, Graduated Test Tubes, with interchangeable stopper, Plain. Baffled Flask Test Tubes, Round Bottom, with rim, Plain Boro 3.3 PFA Beaker PFA Round Bottom Flask PFA Volumetric Flask Class A Pipettor Stand Poly Wire Rack Polygon Magnetic Stirrer Bar Polygrid Micro Tube Stand Polygrid Test Tube Stand Rack for Reversible Rack Round Magnetic Stirrer Bar with Pivot Ring SAFESKIN Purple Nitrile Gloves 9.5″ Length Growtek – Plant Tissue Culture Container Planton – Plant Tissue Culture Container Serological Pipette Sterile Tissue Culture Flask – Sterile Tissue Culture Petridish – Sterile Tissue Culture Plate – Sterile Orbital Incubator Shaker Torso Heat Transformer Badcock Models B.O.D. Incubator Plain Dessicators Polygon Light Box Laminar Air Flow Human Eye Human Ear Stethoscope Hot Air Oven Bacteriological Incubator Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner Human Torso Economical Model Fume Cupboards Retort Stand Test Tube Stand Hall Effect Experiment G.M. Counter Digital Centrifuges Water Bath Human Heart Burette Skeleton
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Low frequency digital tens BE-660 (dual channel, dual intensity with 6 different stimulation modes) AUTOCLAVE Fisiother 2 Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge Platelet Incubator B.O.D INCUBATOR Fisiother 2 LM Centrifuge Bucket Equalizer BIOSAFE CABINET Fisiother 2 L Plasma Expressor BLOOD BANK FREEZER Computerized muscle simulator with tens (indigenious) Plasmatherm BLOOD BANK TUBE SEALER Mini muscle simulator (I.G. + S.F.) with tens (indigenious) Thawing Baths Interfrential therapy unit (indigenious) Blood Storage Cabinet / Blood Bank Refrigerator Plasma Freezer Blood Collection Monitor PORTABLE & BENCHTOP SEALERS Combo plus (Combination therapy unit) NEYA - A PREMIUM CROSSOVER Multi combo (combination of 1 channel stimulation, ultrasound 1 Mhz laser & magnetotherapy Biological Refrigerators Serocool Series Combination therapy unit (indigenious) Mini muscle simulator (I.G. + S.F.) with tens (indigenious) Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator (four channel) Fisiosonic plus (1/2/3 Mhz) Mobile Transporation Box Fisiosonic plus (1 & 3 Mhz) Fisiosonic plus 2 (1 & 3 Mhz) Hemodialysis Chair / Chemotherapy Chair / Therapeutic Chairs Fisiosonic basic (1 & 3 Mhz) Blood Donor Chair Ultrasound therapy unit (indigenious) 1 Mhz Digital Holter with Display with Analyzer Radarwave plus (Continuous & pulsed microwave therapy unit) Fetal Monitor Long wave diathermy (indigenious) Table Top Spo2 Monitor Fisio shock wave (1-5 bar) Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Fisio shock wave compact (1-4 bar) Digital Non Contact Thermometer Fisio Mag 2 EMPOWERS UNIVERSAL DATA XCESS & CONTROL Vacuum Patient Monitor Fisio-lazer Fisio-lazer 2 Fisio-power lazer 500mW 3 Channel ECG Machine Short wave diathermy 500W (indigenious) Fisio Mag 2 cart High tech aluminium bed Fisio-press Self adhesive electrodes - 50x50mm square (set of 4 pcs) for T.E.N.S Self adhesive button electrodes - 50x50mm square (set of 4 pcs) Self adhesive button electrodes - butterfly 103x153 mm (set of 2 pcs) Conductive rubber carbon electrode - 35x45 mm (per pcs) for T.E.N.S Conductive rubber carbon electrode - 50x50 mm (per pcs) for IFT Conductive rubber carbon electrode Accessories for IFT Lead wire for tens units (set of 2) Plug set for button electrodes used with all types of electrotherapy unit Therapy plus paraspa 10 lbs unit (with 6 lbs wax) Paraspa plus (with 2 lbs wax) Mitts comfort kit Paraffin wax refills sent free (imported) per lbs Cryo therapy unit (cooler and tube assembly with 5 cryo cuffs) Ankle cryo cuff with cooler and tube assembly Medium knee cryo cuff with cooler and tube assembly Shoulder cryo cuff with cooler and tube assembly Cozy pacTM-Terry cover standard size (27.5"x19.5") Cozy pacTM-Terry cover foam filled with pocket cervical size (25"x16%") Cozy pacTM-Terry cover oversize (24.5"x36") E-cycle DC motorized rehabilitation cycle (for upper & lower extremly) Motion exercise bike (for upper & lower extremly 1 can be used at a time Lower extremity bike (for lower extremity only) Dual exercise bike (for both upper & lower extremity at one time Saehan back - leg - chest dynamometer Jamar hydraulic hand dynamometer Saehan hydraulic hand dynamometer Saehan digital hand dynamometer DHD -1 Saehan digital hand dynamometer with software DHD -3 Saehan spring hand dynamometer (smedley type) Saehan bulb squeeze dynamometer Jamar hydraulic pinch gauge Saehan hydraulic pinch gauge Mechanical pinch gauge 10 pounds Jamar hand evaluation kit (3 Pcs) Saehan hand evaluation kit (3 Pcs) Jamar hands on hand evaluation kit Baseline dolorimeter / algorimeter 2 lbs Therapy plusTM digit finger goniometer stainless steel Therapy plusTM finger goniometer stainless steel Therapy plusTM goniometer 180* stainless steel Therapy plusTM goniometer 360* stainless steel Therapy plusTM digital goniometer θ 360* Elbow cryo cuff with cooler and tube assembly Cold therapy unit Therapy plusTM hot / cold pack (9" x 5") with towel cover Therapy plusTM hot / cold pack (11" x 7.2") with towel cover Therapy plusTM hot / cold pack (11" x 14.5") with towel cover Therapy plusTM hot / cold pack contour shape (neck) with towel cover Cozy pacTM-Moist Heat Pack - Standard size (25x30cm) Cozy pacTM-Moist Heat Pack - Cervical size (60cm long) Cozy pacTM-Moist Heat Pack - Over size (38x61cm) Cozy pacTM-Moist Heat Pack - Knee shoulder size (25x50cm) Saehan hand evaluation kit (7 Pcs) MMST analog dynamometer MMST 3 Pcs kit (convert any hand dynamometer into manual muscle tester) Push-pull dynamometer analog (dial) readout - 50 Lb. / 22.5kg Push-pull dynamometer digital (LCD) readout - 50 Lb. / 22.5kg Jamar medical skin fold caliper Saehan skin fold caliper Baseline plastic skin fold caliper Saehan plastic skin fold caliper Commander digital algometer CROM 3 (cervical range of motion) BROM Basic (back range of motion) PALM - Palpation meter (the objective way to perform skeletal allgniment) Dellon 2-point disk - criminator, 2 disk set Touch-test 2-point discriminator Baseline Stabilizer pressure biofeed back Buhl portable spirometer with mouth pieces Sensory stimulation activities kit Digit flex 1.5 lbs yellow Therapy plusTM plastic digit finger goniometer Therapy plusTM plastic goniometer 180* Therapy plusTM plastic goniometer 360* Baseline absolute axis 360* clear plastic goniometer Therapy plus deluxe stainless steel goniometer Therapy plus economical stainless steel goniometer set Therapy plus deluxe plastic goniometer set Therapy plus economical plastic goniometer set Baseline bubble inclinometer Therapy plusTM mini digital inclinometer Therapy plusTM digital inclinometer Universal inclinometer Deluxe universal inclinometer CROM basic (cervical range of motion) Deluxe hand helper (imported) Grip exerciser with base (adjustable adult / child grip) Power web combo - 14" tan / red POWER WEBS ORIGINAL ACTIVITY BALL JINGLIN BALL FIT BALL ROLLER PHYSIO ROLL PHYSIO ACTIVITY ROLL SENS 'O' ROLL SOFT GYM HOP / SPRING BALL MOVIN'STEP Urine Pot BP Apparatus Bed Pan "FITNESS STICKTM TELESCOPE (ULTIMATE PORTABLE GYM)" FITNESS STICKTM REPLACEMENT TUBES AIREX PROFESSIONAL EXERCISE MATS GYMNIC CLASSIC PHYSIO BALL / BEACH BALL / GYM BALL GYMNIC PLUS FIT BALL (physio balls made of burst resistant quality) OPTI BALL (TRANSPARENT PHYSIO BALL) GYMNIC ARTE (Multi coloured physio balls made of burst resistant quality) MEGA BALL THERASENSORY DISC'O'SIT / DISC'O'SPORT MOVIN'SIT SIT 'N' GYM SIT 'N' GYM PERLA FINGER & GRIP BALLS Hand therapy gell ball Egg shaped hand exerciser EDUC'O' DISKS HANDS & FEET CRAWLING PATTERN SET MULTIFORM SET AKU BALL SENSY BALL ACTIVE ROLL MASSAGE BALL REFLEX VITA ROLL CONFORT'A' BACK (BACK CUSHON) BALL SUPPORT POWER WEBS JUNIOR FLEX-GRIP (FROM POWER WEB) FLEXOTM-THERAPY PUTTY (PLASTICINE) IMPORTED TRAMPOLINS PLYOMETRIC REBOUNDERS SUN - BANDS (RESISTIVE EXERCISE BANDS) SUN-TUBING (RESISTIVE EXERCISE TUBING) EXERCISE TUBING WITH HANDLES FIGURE OF 8 EXERCISE TUBING FITNESS STICKTM (ULTIMATE PORTABLE GYM) EASY GRIP MULTI ACTIVE STONE SPRT BALL (TO & FRO BALL) TRAINING BOWL HEAVYNED / MEDICINE BALLS MED BALL / MEDICINE BALL Rock 'N' rody (rocking horse, can be removed form its base & can hop on it Cavallo 'rody' (kids can use them for hopping & multi activity play) Sally (kids can use them for hopping & multi activity play) THERA BOLLY Cup / glass holder Pencil grip Writing grip REACHERS DRESSING AIDS BED ROPE LADDER Fetal Doppler (LCD) Glass Slab Prism Circulatory System Bravo electric inflator 220V Power pump (two way air pump) Faster Blaster OVERDOOR DOUBLE PULLEY SET Bendable Spoon Bendable Fork Rocker knife Utensil strap Plastic plate guard One way drinking straw Dressing Drum
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Horizontal Rectangular Autoclaves Horizontal Autoclaves Cement Autoclaves Stainless Steel Vertical Autoclaves Stainless Steel Cement Autoclaves Fully Automatic Horizontal Autoclaves Horizontal Autoclave Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave Deluxe Model Vertical Autoclaves Table Top Autoclaves
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