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BALAJI TRADERS is involved in Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier their product business of DoorsWindows Accessories Fittings , DoorsWooden Door Panels , Furniture Fittings Fixtures , Bathroom Toilet AccessoriesFittings and Hangers and related products for more than 17 years . Our Organization, established in 2004, Which is a Well-known name in our business category. The Organization listed its broad range of products on Make In India Trade, and Chandresh UpadhyayProprietor Manages that is in , India. For more Details Please Contact us.

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  • Contact Person: Chandresh UpadhyayProprietor
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DoorsWindows Accessories Fittings >>
Rope 2mm, 3mm Bathroom Button S.S. Glass Door Handle Boat Flate Cabinet Handle 70mm x 120mm Glass Sliding Fitting Telescopic Bangle Holder Glass Sliding Fitting Cabinet Handle Towel Rod Fancy Glass Door Handle Round - Square Aluminium Bracket SS 304 Hooks Round Thumb Knob Magnetic Catch DNR Knob Rope Fitting 3mm Round 3×3 Glass Sliding Fitting Round Cabinet Handle Slim Glass Sliding Fitting Toothbrush Holder Bracket H-Concealed Cabinet Handle SS Wood Hooks Timex Knob Pull – Push Glass Knob Guide Alu D Bracket key hanger Matteson Mortise Handle Oval Key Hole Single Wooden Strip Bracket Baure Hault Coin Hook Wooden Bangle Holder & Hanger Towel Rod / Towel Rack Fancy Cabinet Handle T key Mallya Lock Key Smart Hook & Brass CP L’ Matt Knob Towel Ring Custom Made Glass Door Handle Ball Knob Concealed Door Stopper Leg Buffer Conceal Latch / Fix Knob Display Fitting Belt Holder Laser Cut Glass Door Handle Heavy Wati Glass Sliding Fitting Wire & Double Bangle Holder Y Wardrobe Fittings Hook Patti Handle Display Stud Double Wooden Strip Bracket Rob Hook Patti S/S Pivot 12mm Decco Cabinet Handle Laser S.S. + Wood Glass Door Handle Matki Knob Wardrobe Fittings Alu ‘D’ Bracket Round Shower Handle Square Wati Glass Sliding Fitting Half Round Door Stopper Mirror Holder Square Glass Door Handle Mortise Handles & Knobs Wardrobe Fittings Brackets Sliding Glass Door Knob Rope Fitting Auto Trapping (2mm) | Wall Mounting CDF Round Mirror Holder Sq. Key Hanger New Rob Hook Patti, Single Bathroom Fitting Square Door Magnet Leeon R Sliding Cabinet Handle CDF Royal Screw Cap Double Fix Clamp Patio Cabinet Handle Coin Knob Wardrobe Fittings Single Khuti Patio Knob Floor Magnet CDF Square Screw Cap Double Round Rob Hook Sq Mortise Pin Jhula Rope Fitting Square Cabinet Handle Round Wati Glass Sliding Fitting New Rob Hook Soap Dish Zara Matt Knob Round Door Magnet 1×1/4″ Self Button Single/Double Crystal Mirror Holder Brass CP Round / Square Door Stopper 3″ CDF Round Screw Cap Lemicom Cabinet Handle Chocolate CP Knob Wardrobe Fittings & 8mm Round Conceal Tie Rod Wooden Curtain Bracket Half Round Thumb Knob Clip Folding Bracket 12mm Timex Cabinet Handle Wardrobe Fittings Single / Double Round Support SS Sliding 7″ Cabinet Handle Tip Top Knob New Round Door Magnet Sun Cap Jumbo Star Key Hole Single / Double Square Support SS Wooden Sliding Cabinet Handle Bullet Cabinet Handle Crystal Thumb Knob Quick View Wardrobe Fittings Stainless steel Brackets BT-DAW 32 Double Hook Square 3×3 Glass Sliding Fitting Patti Magnet Single / Double Single Glass Pin for 2mm rope Mirror Holder Round Twins Knob 135° Glass to Glass Plate Handle Cabinet Handle Valintino Knob 90° Glass to Glass Window Handle Grab Bar Glass Door Handle 90° Glass to Wall Oval C Cabinet Handle Zara T/T Knob Wardrobe Fittings Hanging Name Plate Fitting Sq. Thumb Hammer Knob Wardrobe Fittings Conceal Tower Bolt Folding Handle Cabinet Handle Sq. Thumb Knob Single Khuti Elbow SSCP T Sq. Knob BT580 Pull – Push Wardrobe Fittings Full S/S Cupboard Lock Concealed Wooden Pivot Full S/S Drawer Lock Sq. Heavy Wati SS. Hooks Ring Wardrobe Concealed Socket Leeon Cabinet Handle Knob BT555 Bracket Rhyno Cabinet Handle Mortise Display Fitting Pin Wardrobe Fittings Wooden Wire Manager Tapper (202) Knob Delux Door Stopper Crystal Screw Cap Fix Clamp Roma Cabinet Handle Fancy Fix Knob Wardrobe Fittings “J” support Tapper Knob Door Closer Pyramid Screw Cap Fldg Glass Bracket Royal Cabinet Handle Wardrobe Fittings Elephant New Dust Proof Round Screw Cap Earth Knob Wardrobe Fittings Screw Less Buffer Heavy Zoo-Zu Cabinet Handle 90* Square Shower Handle Floor Door Stopper Double Hook Base Button CY Keyhole Round / Square Royal Knob Wardrobe Fittings New Rod Latch Crystal Curtain Bracket Balloon Cabinet Handle 90* Round Shower Handle D 10 mm Cabinet Handle Sign Board Gents/Ladies Rope Chain 19mm D Cabinet Handle Kem Bolt Antq. Silver Laser S.S. + Wood Glass Door Handle Rope Chain 25mm Glass Hinges S Hook & Pipe Fitting Hook Self Button Round Self Button Square Shower Elbow & ‘T’ Shower Stud 1-1/4″ Shower Thumb 1-1/4″ Sq. Cupboard Key Hole Sq. Ovel Socket Square Hook Square Rob Hook SS Corner Self SS Square Self Stud Round Star Key Hole Wire Manager Patteri Cabinet Handle CY Key Hole Wooden Wati – Round / Square Patti 16mm Cabinet Handle Fancy Jali Wardrobe Fittings Maliya Lock Heavy Sq Aluminium Concealed Socket Molding Tower Bolt C / C Dot Cabinet Handle Mono Socket 1 / 2 C 10 mm Cabinet Handle Rope Box Cloth Dryer H 10 mm Cabinet Handle Ventilation Jali Table Chain Heavy V Bat Wardrobe Fittings Thambli ROUND S.S. Glass Door Handle Tie Rod Square, Round New C Line Cabinet Handle New C Patti Cabinet Handle Inch Cabinet Handle BT612 Tower Bolt Square / Round Glass Corner Wardrobe Fittings Wire & Double Bangle Holder SQUARE S.S. Glass Door Handle Cloth Liner Sq.-H S.S. Glass Door Handle Sq.D-Holo S.S. Glass Door Handle Sq.D-Round-Holo S.S. Glass Door Handle Crystal Mirror holder Round Cupboard Key Hole Name Plate Display Rod Sq. CY Keyhole Double Single Hook Matt Cabinet Handle Goti Hook Double Square Rob Hook Full C/P Cabinet Handle BT632 Mortise CY KeyHole Round / Square Self Button / Double Round Boat Cabinet Handle Support Wall / Middle Vacuum ‘L’ Self Button Wardrobe Concealed Socket Matt Glass Door Handles Tower Bolts Door Magnets
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